K2 Gallery

K2 Gallery

The University draws water from Insiza dam and pumps it to the water purification plant before being pumped to the household taps for consumption by students and staff.

Water Availability100%
Water Treatment100%

The recreation center provides the students with leisure options including a pool table, full DSTV subscription, a gym and tuck shop where students can purchase various items they may need. Adjascent to the recreation center is a football field where students play some of their ball games. Wi-Fi presence is available at this location, allowing students to remain connected as they take part in their various activities.

DSTV Availability100%
Wi-Fi Availability100%

The clinic is well equipped for basic medical needs, with a chief nursing sister employed to take care of the student health necessities. A sessional doctor is available to the clinic and attends twice a week, and also on call in case of any emergencies.


The dinning hall caters for both students and staff, with qualified chefs preparing all meals. A cold room is available at the dining hall for long term storage of meat products. Meals are prepared three times a day, catering for breakfast, lunch and supper for both students and staff.


Cooking staff availability100%
Backup Power availability100%
Wi-Fi Availability100%
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