gwanda state university
All First year, First Semester
(Level 1:1) students who were
accepted for the August 2020 Intake
(Block release and conventional)
are advised that orientation
and registration shall run
from the 5th to the 7th of October
Face-to-face lectures for both
block release and conventional
students will run from 08 October,
2020 to the 16th of October 2020.
Blended online shall continue

Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Animal Science

Livestock production is a main source of livelihood in arid to semi-arid areas of Zimbabwe. The degree programme offered in this Department focuses on livestock species suitable and/or preferred by farmers in these areas. The degree introduces students to the science of animal production and as such the first three semesters are mainly courses that give necessary background and principles for the advancement of efficient animal production and improved food quality and safety. The present program focuses on training on animal production using resources available in arid to semi-arid production environments. Students are also exposed, through practical training, to the challenges of proper care and management of domestic animals, wildlife and freshwater fish. The objective is to produce animal scientists who will pursue careers in:

  • Livestock management and production,

  • Wildlife and fisheries management,

  • The Feed industries,

  • Food processing and marketing,

  • Extension education,

  • Animal biotechnology, and

  • Research,
    • which require skills in disciplines such as nutrition, genetics, physiology, animal health, feed and forage/browse utilization, farm engineering/mechanisation, meat and milk processing, business management and marketing. Other skills of critical importance are computer proficiency, report writing and oral communication, research and problem solving.


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